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    NEYS Invitational Events Updated

    Hello all,

    I just realized I forgot to make the events for the two upcoming swim meets viewable to parents and swimmers, but it's fixed now. 

    Reminder, we have some deadlines coming up. Also, even though the Boyertown Boo deadline is Oct. 2, please sign up promptly because we may…

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    Reminder: NEYS PreSeason Starts Tonight, 9/7/21

    The Nazareth/Easton YMCA PreSeason sessions start tonight, Tuesday (9/7/21), at 7:00 pm for all registered swimmers.

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    NEYS Upcoming Swim Meets

    Good afternoon everyone,

    We have two invitationals coming up in October, but you'll need to sign-up for entries in September. 

    At invitationals, swimmers CHOOSE their own events. It's at dual meets in which coaches make the line-up. Meet info packets and event declaration can be found on our scheduling page

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    Pre-Season Practice Dates & Times

    Good afternoon everyone,

    The NEYS preseason practice days/times are the same for all swimmers this year.

    • Dates: Tuesday, Sept. 7 - Friday, Sept. 24
    • Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm (for all training groups, as we have the whole pool starting in September this year)   :)
    • Days
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    YMCA Registration Clarification

    If you already pre-registered on the Nazareth/Easton YMCA team website since July 2021 to today, there's no need to "register" again for the website. 

    Just make sure you sign up officially at the YMCA front desk. :)

    Coach Drake

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    Free YMCA Memberships for Lifeguards

    Hello everyone,

    The Nazareth YMCA is looking to hire lifeguards. They are offering free memberships for those that get hired. Please email the Branch Director, Ryan Knepp, RyanKnepp@gv-ymca.org (office phone: 610-759-3440) and "CC" me (coachdrake2@gmail.com) if interested.


    Coach Drake

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