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  1. Please show up 10 minutes ahead of time to change and help with lanes lines/equipment if necessary.
  2. Swimmers and parents do NOT have to tell the coaches if they cannot attend practice. With a community based age group team, we leave it up to each family's judgment of how often they can attend. OF COURSE, attending more often will result in more progress, so we HIGHLY encourage you attend as often as possible. We understand each family has a different schedule and we want to accommodate that; student athletes need to prioritize their classes and health; the coaches don't make rules we can't or are unwilling to enforce; the coaches are more interested in LONG TERM growth of younger swimmers and are conscious of burnout through rigorous mandatory practices too early in a swimmer's career.
  3. However, swimmers and parents MUST declare "Attending/Not Attending" for meets on our website under the "Schedule" tab.
  4. High school swimmers have unique demands that vary from school to school, so we are willing to work within those frameworks and maintain positive, open dialogue, with high school coaches.
  5. There is no strict setting of practice lanes. Although swimmers may have a primary lane, they are moved often, depending upon the goals of the practices, how many swimmers at each level are in attendance, and the coaches' judgment of what motivates individual swimmers and what each can handle.
  6. Flexibility is key. We recognize that on a team with swimmers aged 5 - 21, from beginners to state & national qualifiers, from social reasons to main competitive sport, each swimmer has different goals & reasons for being on the team. As a result, WE are very GOOD at training all types of swimmers and meeting their needs. In fact, I feel very comfortable saying we do it better than any team in the region. Our focus on technique is consistent, but how we get a swimmer there varies. 
  7. We rotate coaches from practice to practice. This helps build a stronger team environment, reduces monotony, is emotionally healthier and more motivating for both swimmers and coaches, allows every coach to know every swimmer, and takes advantage of each coach's strengths. Showing up to practice more often ensures swimmers gain all these benefits.
  8. Always feel free to contact Coach Drake or Coach Carlton if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas relating to practice.  
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