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Swimmer Safety & Expectations: It goes without saying, we care about swimmer safety and health. We are a team of 100+ swimmers ages 5-21; thus, illnesses can spread fast and the risk of bodily injury is greater unless we take certain precautions. Plus, the obvious point of joining our team is to participate in practices and meets, so I do not want to see anyone unnecessarily miss them.

  1. Follow coaches instructions on deck and in the water.., of course :)
  2. At swim meets:
    1. SIT with the team.
    2. Go with a swim buddy to the bathroom or to get snacks.
    3. Let someone know if you are leaving the pool deck.
    4. If you visit your family off deck, it should ONLY be for a LIMITED amount of time.
    5. Warm-Ups: Jump in feet first... ALWAYS. Only dive head/hands first during races and as directed by the coaches for pre-meet sprints.
  3. Wear flip flops. A common ailment for swim teams are plantar warts. We've been pretty good with this in recent years, but not always, so please have your swimmer wear flip flops or sandals on deck, in locker rooms, showers, and bathrooms.
  4. Dress for the Weather: When it gets colder, please ensure your swimmer dresses for the weather. After swim practice, let's make sure our swimmers put a hat over their wet heads, wear socks/shoes/boots, and clothing to keep their backs and chests warm. Again, this is a common mantra of mine in all previous years to ensure our team minimizes illness.
  5. COVID: I treat this as no different than my concerns in #s 3 & 4 above. Wearing flip flops minimizes the chance of contracting warts, wearing a hat minimizes the chance of getting a head cold; wearing a mask minimizes the chance of getting Covid. Refer to our COVID pages for our general procedures and what to do if exposed.
  6. Nutrition & Other Health Issues: Please read the related swimming articles in the drop down menu "Swim Brain", as well as, other resources on our website under ResourcesSwim BrainInspiration
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