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Long Distance Challenge Fundraiser

This is our primary fundraising event we do each season. As a team we don't sell candy, flowers, or tickets; we might have a team social at a restaurant but the focus is not on fundraising; come only if you like for social reasons and team bonding. Our philosophy is:

  • Fundraising should directly benefit the team, not the businesses who often take between 50-90% of the money spent/raised.
  • No one is obligated to raise funds; if it's an obligation, then it's a team fee, not a fundraiser.
  • ALL athletes are required to participate even if they raise no funds.
  • The focus should be on athlete's production, and not be overly burdensome for parents. After-all, we already require everyone to work 2-4 times each season at swim meets, which is more than many other sports already.

As a result, swimmers should ask family and friends to sponsor them per lap. ALL swimmers are required to swim their "Challenge" group's assigned distance. This is part of the training requirements. If they cannot make the date, they will make it up during another day or during regular practice time.


  1. "OK, Coach Drake..., I know you said it's not an obligation, but what should we use as a guide?" Most raise between $20 - $40 per family, although we've had some families raise hundreds of dollars in some years; I think $600 is the record for one family :).
  2. "What if we raise no money, does my child still have to swim the distance?" Yes, it's part of their required training regimen.
  3. "My swimmer is worried, he doesn't think he can swim that long non-stop. Does he really have to?" Yes, no one has ever failed to finish, including 5 year olds who first joined the swim team. It's more a mental challenge than a physical one, and these distances are well within reach of every swimmer in their group. Plus, they can use a kickboard or swim any stroke they want, whenever they want. Additionally, it builds personal confidence and it's a shared rite of passage for each team member each year.
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