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    Steps to Register for USA Swimming

    1. Print the USA Registration form, located here and above.
    2. Fill out the form, ensure "NEYS" & "Nazareth/Easton YMCA Swimming" is in club code and club name area.
    3. Read the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy, and fill out the 2nd page of the registration form.
    4. Write check to: Nazareth YMCA 
    5. Hand application and check to Coach Carlton at practice.

    Seasonal deadline dates to hand in both the USA registration form and the check:

    • October 1st
    • December 1st

    These deadlines are for NEYS to Mid-Atlantic USA team processing. A membership is good for one year. If you wish to register in the Spring or Summer, contact Coach Carlton: cdtaylor74@gmail.com

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