Summer Swim Options, 2021

    Summer SwimTeam Options:

    1. Easton Aquatic Club - Easton summer team link, Led by Coach Carlton.
    2. Lopatcong Swim Team - Lopat summer team link, Led by Coach Drake.
    3. Nazareth Summer Team - Run by the "Blue" swim club, not the YMCA. Swims out of Nazareth Middle School and community pool.
    4. Two Rivers - Swims out of Palmer community pool.
    5. Belvidere - Swims out of Belvidere community pool.
    6. Bethlehem - Swims out of the Bethlehem Community Center, not run by the Bethlehem YMCA.

    I definitely recommend everyone join a summer team. :) 

    It's fun, with shorter races, and keeps everyone in contact with the water and racing. However, PLEASE remember to come back to your Nazareth/Easton YMCA Swim family in the Fall. :)

    All teams above are part of the PennJersey Swim League (PJSL), but there are other teams and summer swim leagues that may be more convenient for you.

    ALSO, PLEASE BE AWARE you do not need to become a USA swimming member under their club during the summer to compete. Actually, if you do, it could be a barrier for competing for us in the Fall. 

    Basically, summer teams are distinct from their USA clubs, so there is no obligation or requirement to join both. However, if you want to swim at a USA meet during the summer, DEFINITELY contact Coach Carlton or Coach Drake. Our YMCA is also a USA club (NEYS), and it would be far easier to stay attached with NEYS rather than switch clubs twice, fill out the additional paperwork, and/or swim unattached for 90 days when you rejoin NEYS in the Fall.

    By the way, it's great to see everyone in the summer, even when we are on different teams. It's a whole different feel, because it truly is "friendly competition". For all of our "Y" swimmers it's like a mini-reunion and fun to catch up with friends between races.

    Hope to see everyone then,

    Coach Drake

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