2021 Updated District Meet Info

    2021 Virtual District Meet Info

    • Arrive: 2:00 pm
    • Warm-Up: 2:10 pm
    • Meet Start: 2:30 pm
    • Estimated Meet End: 5:30 pm

    Video Link: https://youtube.com/channel/UC8iWFp-Xh6FJULJby2rZXlg

    Heat sheet is attached and may change slightly.

    • Swimmers come with suits on and get screened at the front door.
    • No spectators inside the building.
    • Swimmers may bring chairs to sit on.
    • Marshalling Locations:
      • The YMCA will be closed to the public by this time.
      • Swimmers will arrange themselves stretched out along the length of the hallway and up into the front lobby, sitting 6-10 feet apart, with masks on.
      • Swimmers will sit by family (not by friend group) within the taped lines with the numbered placards. Friends may sit in adjacent taped areas though.
      • NO congregating or waiting in the locker rooms.
      • Swimmers will be called by group to warm-up.
      • Swimmers will be called to enter the pool several events ahead of their own for racing.
      • While on deck, swimmers will sit with masks on (caps, goggles, towel, flip-flops, warm-up clothing too) in the designated areas.

    Timers: Meghan Uliana, Denise Pinto, Greg Ritter, Jill Olexa

    Officials: Jason Stucker, Laura Watts, Scott Gorman

    Pacers: Andrew Durr, Jelena Watts, Justine Drake

    If your swimmer did not receive the new District shirt Friday night, they will receive it at the meet.

    Stay Safe, Healthy, Diligent, & Resilient,

    Coach Drake

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