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  1. Mask Rationale & Swim Team Policy: As the coach, I certainly do not want to see anyone fall ill, or have a portion of the team need to quarantine and miss practices or meets. The YMCA does not enforce masking for its patrons in general, nor do we require anyone tell us if they are vaccinated, but for youth sports while attending practices and meets 11/under swimmers and unvaccinated swimmers are expected to wear masks in the locker rooms and on deck.
  2. While in the pool, we will reinforce the expectation that swimmers should exhale down into the water, and not into each other's faces.
  3. We will reinforce some social distancing protocols on deck and in the pool as well. They will not be as stringent as when we had only 3 swimmers per lane, but we are transitioning and modifying to balance safety with group activities.
  4. Certainly, as 11/under vaccines become more widely available, it is likely we will be able to continue modifying the above safety strategies.
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